Leigh Sprague: 12+ Years Experience With Leading Law Firms

Leigh Sprague is a corporate transactional lawyer with an expertise in software and data licensing, international transactions, corporate governance and commercial transactions with more than 12 years of experience at leading law firms and in-house at prominent technology companies. After graduating from Columbia Law School in New York with honors, Leigh Sprague became an Associate at Coudert Brothers (1999). In 2000, he passed the New York State Bar Examination, and shortly thereafter, in 2001, became a Senior Associate with Dewey LeBoeuf.

In the world of international and corporate law, Dewey LeBoeuf was a highly regarded and respected institution. From 2001 to 2005, the years that Leigh Sprague was working with Dewey LeBoeuf, the firm was on top of the world. However, as many readers know, the global law firm recently filed for bankruptcy on May 28, 2012. Currently, the firm is working through the bankruptcy process, after which it will be entirely dissolved.

In 2005, Leigh Sprague left Dewey LeBoeuf to take a job as a General Counsel at CTC Media, a NASDAQ-listed high-growth media and content company. Leigh Sprague was able to put his consultation and strategic skills to excellent use, including through leading a number of strategic transactions and an IPO of the company on NASDAQ.

With experience in taking several companies public on NASDAQ and other exchanges, the experience of working for CTC Media was a joy for Leigh Sprague. His familiarity with the ’33 and ’34 Acts, SOX, Regulation FD and related filing requirements helped bolster his reputation throughout the organization and later on in his career.

While still working with CTC Media, Leigh Sprague took on a new role as Director of Department with Rusal, also based in Moscow, Russia. In this role, Leigh Sprague was able to provide further consulting services and legal advice to some of Russia’s (and the world’s) largest companies, including Rusal, EN+ and Basic Element.  While there he was responsible for the company’s successful IPO in Honk Kong and Paris as well as numerous high-level commercial transactions.

Today,  Leigh Sprague is a consultant with Decision Insight Information Group.


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